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The 2008 Audi R8 | The Cheapest Modern Supercar Today

As we peak 2016, the 2nd generation redesigned Audi R8 is out and on the roads (whenever you see one). Gone is the base V8 featuring 2, V10 only options, the manual transmission option is no longer available, whole lot of tech is added and refined performance enhancing features are also added similar to its cousin from Lamborghini. It’s a remarkable vehicle for around $40,000 less than the base Huracan.

The Audi R8 Today

The first generation Audi R8 originally debuted in 2007 as a 2008 model. Making 2008 R8 almost ten years old as of today, but it’s nowhere near close to being dated or failing to impress onlookers anytime soon. Its styling is nearly timeless with its conservative supercar layout similar to the Gallardo with an engine enclosed below a glass engine cover that looks like a diamond in the casing and glowing LED daytime running lights to further enhance it’s menacing look. The R8’s stock exhaust from a high-output 4.2L V8 produces a deep, glorious, menacing sound with screaming high revs to compliment it’s performance. It’s a dream car, but not just any dream car. It’s a dream that is closer within reach then you think.

Today, a Used 2008 Audi R8 4.2 can be purchased well below $80,000 with great miles. Is there a catch? Not really, considering the R8 at the time of it’s debut had an original MSRP of about $115,000 you can say that R8 has actually held it’s value very well. Only the V8 was available for 2008 with the V10 coming out in 2009 but becoming more common in 2010. Even with V10 engines (5.2) being an option, the V8 still tends to have only about 20,000-30,000 in depreciation after 8 years of ownership, quite impressive.

Performance is a important factor that has to be taken into consideration for the R8 4.2. The original price it once had at just $115,000 was comparable to cars in it’s price range such as the Porsche 911, Mercedes SL, and BMW 6-Series. However, the performance was not entirely comparable to cars in the supercar territory in the 500+ hp range. The 4.2L V8 pushes 420-HP which was significantly less than it’s cousin at the time, the Lamborghini Gallardo at 542HP.

That’s not to say the R8 4.2 is lacking in performance, that 420 horsepower is still pushing power to all four wheels with a light body acceleration is still impressive with a 0-60 time of about 3.9 seconds. Handling around corners and throttle response is nothing the R8 will fall short on. From a modified standpoint, the V8 did not have a lot of potential to be modified to increase it’s power output unless you install a supercharger or turbochargers which will quickly go past $20,000 alone.

In terms of the reliability the R8 is very impressive when shown the proper care which owners have also reported that the R8 V8 is easy to maintain. In terms of previous owners showing proper care, you can expect that almost all owners will take care of their R8 during their ownership being that it is such a special car. If you do come across an R8 while shopping around that hasn’t received proper care, it is likely best that you stay away.

With the R8 you can also expect the build quality to be exceptional for a car of its class. Unlike most Audi models during that year where falling headliners, peeling buttons, and faded headlights we’re common, the same cannot be said for the R8 as much higher quality materials are used and most R8’s are kept in a garage.


After reviewing a couple of R8 V8’s traded in, we can say that the R8 is likely the smartest choice and most affordable modern supercar you can buy today. With styling of a supercar for less than $100,000, with slow depreciation plus great reliability, the R8 is a smart choice. Although the performance is somewhat short of a true supercar, the performance is still very impressive and certainly won’t fail to impress whoever shows awe or interest to your hot new R8.