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Bengala Unveils Carbon Fiber Kits for Roll-Royce…

Bengala Automotive Design and the Maryland-based carbon masters Vitesse AuDessus are presently offering to owners of the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn who aren’t fulfilled by the stock states of their ultra-luxury sedan.

In spite of the fact that aftermarket carbon fiber parts aren’t 100% new to Rolls-Royce , the utilization of produced carbon on a Rolls-Royce is guaranteed by Bengala to be an industry first. Despite the fact that fitting manufactured carbon bodywork parts and wheels to a Rolls for simply tasteful reasons hasn’t been endeavored some time recently, it hasn’t implied Bengala and Vitesse have been unobtrusive with the bundles it’s putting forth. Fitting a hood, mirrors and encompasses for the grille and windshield will set you back in any event $17,350, with the Wraith-restrictive produced rooftop and decklid adding another $16,605 to the bill.

That is a helluva parcel of cash to spend on a carbon unit, yet we are discussing additional items for autos with MSRPs that’ll set you back in any event $250,000, so dislike most Rolls-Royce proprietors will think much about the Bengala/Vitesse fashioned carbon part costs. In addition, Bengala will store the original parts for you in case you wish to put your Rolls to its stock look. That being said, the Wraith and Ghost models in the gave pictures do look shockingly tasteful, so we would comprehend on the off chance that a few purchasers kept the carbon parts on and just remove the first bits from storage if they sell their car at a later date, but why revert to stock when you could get more selling it with the kit?

rolls-bengla-two rolls-bengla-wheel