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Review: Every Reason Not To Buy The Jaguar X-Type

Its been a solid 8 years since the final batch of the Jaguar X-Type has been produced. Now the old X-Type is technically being replaced by the all new Jaguar XE that is now under new parent-company, Tata Motors, direction. With Jaguar lacking an entry-level luxury sedan for 8 years, the XE is finally filling the missing gap that could potentially compete with the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, and Lexus IS-Series.

To freshen your memory, before the XE was the X-Type. An entry-level compact luxury sedan produced by Jaguar for model years 2002-2008. It shared the same platform as the Ford Mondeo, with standard all-wheel drive. A 2.5L V6 and 3.0L V6 (both Ford based) we’re the 2 engine options with the 3.0L eventually becoming the only engine option in 2006, and offered with a 5-Speed Automatic or Manual Transmission. It’s overall design was somewhat similar to the previous-generation Jaguar XJ-Series, but much more compact than the mid-sized S-Type. With the X-Type, features included leather seats with an optional full-power seat option, optional sunroof, and optional GPS-navigation. The X-Type had an original MSRP around $35,000 making the X-Type more affordable to social climbers.

The Jaguar X-Type Today

Today, the X-Type is not too commonly spotted on the roads. However, when in search of an inexpensive luxury car, the X-Type can be found for less than $10,000. Seems like an absolute steal, a hidden luxury gem, an expensive look for cheap… But theres a reason for that Cheap price.

Driving the X-Type today, both 2.5 and 3.0 models had very unimpressive acceleration and handling that was not as smooth as some older Jaguars with a V8 engine or even the legacy Inline-6 cylinder engine Jaguars once had. The car felt very low-priced Ford-like, with noticeable vibration and a rough ride. The automatic transmission was very unpredictable and felt like it was ready to give out.

When in production, the Jaguar X-Type overall was not a good car. When new the Jaguar X-Type received a lot of poor reviews from other new car review sites. Complaining of the flimsy driving/handling, shared Ford platform, dated style really caused the X-Type to miss the mark when trying to compete with the German and even Japanese Luxury entry-level sedans. As a used car today where an X-Type can be anywhere from 8-14 years old, the dated style is even more pronounced, the poor build quality and poor reliability has also really caught up. Many transmission failures and drivetrain related issues have been reported for both 2.5 and 3.5 models. Outside, faded paint and headlights have been common on a large majority of X-Types we’ve came across for sale. Inside, the headliner sinking is common, cracked wood trim, faded leather seats, and failing electronics have been common.

Most models have also shown to have a poor history of proper care and maintenance done to the car. The car may be inexpensive to purchase, however the parts and service of the vehicle may still be considered expensive by most owners. So finding a Jaguar X-Type that has been properly maintained by it’s previous owner is quite rare.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Jaguar X-Type

We’ve decided to compile a list of why you should not buy the Jaguar X-Type to better explain it.

  • Poor Reliability
  • Poor Driving Characteristics
  • Poor Build-Quality
  • Cramped Back Seat
  • Expensive to maintain and repair
  • Lack of proper care shown by most previous owners
  • High Depreciation Value
  • Outdated Interior and Exterior Styling
  • May not considered a luxury car anymore by some
  • Lack of modern luxury features
  • Lack of standard features


In short we Do Not recommend the Jaguar X-Type. Its poor reliability, poor build quality, lacking luxury amenities, and outdated style do not make the car worth the cheap price whichever way you look at it. We recommend you purchase a BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Lexus IS250 or even the Hyundai Genesis. These vehicles are similarly priced with slightly higher miles, but offer more modern amenities, looks, and reliability. The lease rates on the New XE are also comparable as well and should be taken into consideration if you can afford it. If you MUST have the Jaguar X-Type get into a deep search to find one in excellent condition and do a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a skilled Jaguar professional.