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Toyota 86 Gets Ferrari Heart Transplant

Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck has a new project and quite an expensive one. Stuffing a F136 V8 Engine found in the 458 Italia into a heavily engineered Toyota GT86 body. While we anticipate the car to certainly be a fun car to drive and drift with such a high-revving V8. The project is expected to be completed in October of 2016.

But is this a swap that Ferrari purists can respect? Likely not. The normally aspirated engine found in the 458 was the last of the naturally-aspirated V8’s before introducing turbocharging technology in the 488 GTB. To add to that, Ferrari is very particular about controlling its image to keep it’s exclusivity, so we can’t say Ferrari is going to be very happy with this swap since they can’t control what Tuerck and his team does with the engine.

So what are you’re thoughts? Was this project worth the time and money despite the controversy it might cause with Ferrari fans and purists?